I'm Braum Groves!

I am a software developer who tries to improve himself in this field with every opportunity he finds. Like most of my colleagues, I am someone who does not see programming as a job, but has made it a lifestyle.


What Do I Do?

PHP Software Works

PHP custom software development, PHP software editing, etc. I serve professionally in the fields.

WordPress Services

I provide services in areas such as WordPress installation, optimization, plugin construction, Woocommerce integration.

Android Reskin Jobs

I provide reskin services for Android applications you buy from markets such as Codecanyon.

Custom Content Bots

I can prepare a bot that will pull content from the sources determined for your social media accounts and websites.

WebView App Development

I can prepare the Android webview application of your website and add Admob and Onesignal.

Payment System Integration

I offer you the best methods to receive payments with credit cards and cryptocurrencies.


What Did I Do?


What Did They Say?

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John Mack

Software Engineer

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Jack Lee

SEO Consultant

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Florence Night

Graphic Designer

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Jane Dal

Marketing Expert



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